212/Spike Recording Studio

- offers music production services with both digital and analog recording and a full suite of Protools software.

A&J Recording Studios, Inc..

- full service studio for audio and audio-for-video.

a.l.l. digital

- 24-bit digital CD mastering, editing, and production.

Augus, Inc.

- studio providing Protools engineering as well as equipment rental.

Candy Ear Studios

- digital recording facility that also distributes your CD online.

Effanel Music

- remote recording specialists. Features digital and analog systems for worldwide coverage.

Electric Lady Studios

- originally owned and operated by Jimi Hendrix.

Eric Enjem Studio

- specializing in recording, editing, mixing and mastering in digital and/or analog. Appealing to the indie music market. Includes equipment list and contact information.

Hot Sound

- boutique studio specializing in live music recording and mixing.

Music House Productions

- offers CD mastering, recording, and mixing for independent recording artists utilizing both analog and digital gear.

N.Y. Hed Sound Studios

- analog and digital recording studio.

Pilot Recording Studios

- a fully equipped 48trk multi-room facility specializing in live recording sessions.

Sample Kings Recording Studio

- great studio if you plan on using a lot of sampled music

Sorcerer Sound Recording Studios

- two room 24/48 track facility featuring Neve and Studer equipment, microphones and lots of vintage gear.

Sound On Sound Recording Studios

- Neve, SSL, Studer equipped facility , variety of vintage microphones and outboard gear.

Uptime Studios

- 64 track ProTools studio.