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This edition we have interviewed a band called PhatKat. They are out of Jersey City, NJ. They self produced a 4 song demo entitled 'Pending Sober Approval.' (It is currently reviewed on our Review page) Note - Unfortunately, this band with a lot of potential has already parted ways.

NoBetta: Well guys I guess I will have you introduce yourselves.

PhatKat: We are an alternative rock outfit with a ton of different influences heard in our music. Matty is our lead vocals/guitar, Keith plays keyboards, Fat Joe Z on bass and FRED is our drum machine.

NB: FRED what is that?

Keith: Well we went through an exhaustive search for a drummer but couldn't find someone who would be as diverse and experimental as we wanted to be. We turned to just programming what we wanted. FRED is definitely an integral part of the band though.

NB: OK then. So how did you get your start guys?

Matty: We had all been good friends for about ten years now, but always seemed to be going in different directions. Finally in a random night of drinking and hanging out we started jammimg. Maybe we were buzzed but the music really came together and we realized that this could be something.

NB: Wow that's random. Isn't it hard to be in a band with good friends though?

Matty: To say the least! Like I said we all have very different lives so trying to be a band and still friends is tough.

Fat Joe Z: Yea, It's like these guys want to practice all the time and I would rather just drink and get high and jam.

Keith: Here we go.

NB: Lets change the subject. How is the music scene in Jersey City?

Keith: Its hard to say. In Jersey City there are not a lot of venues to play. Most of these places are looking for cover bands just to bring in the people. We usually head into Manhattan to play small gigs at this point.

NB: Lets talk about the CD. It sounds pretty high budget for a band just getting their feet wet in this game.

Matty: Luckily that's where are other lives come in. I run the music lab at a local high school. We have kind of been sneaking in there at night to use the facilities including Pro Tools mixing software. At a real studio we would have spent about $7500 on this disc using what we used there.

NB: Good break! What about the title 'Pending Sober Approval'?

Keith: We had been kicking around names for a while and just happen to write that on one of the test cds because we were shit-faced after a session and it stuck.

NB: Well good luck guys and hopefully we will be hearing more from you soon.

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