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....................................................Welcome to the NoBetta Music empire..............................................


Well this is the beginning! NoBetta Music is born. There are other indie music sites out there but NoBetta plans to be the definitive site for up and coming bands to get their start. If you do see this consider yourself lucky. You are getting on at the ground floor of what could be the ride of your life!

Whatever kind of music you play we are willing to give it a listen. Our background is mainly in alternative rock but it has been expanding ever so rapidly. Plans down the road are for an independant record label and recording studio to expand the NoBetta Music empire.

We are looking for new bands to interview, review and promote. So if you want some publicity and some honest reviews of your music and potential, get in touch with us and get us a promo packet. We will give every submission the time it deserves and provide the band with some honest help. Take your music career to the next level.

Send your promo packet or at least a CD and a brief bio to:

NoBetta Music

P.O. Box 73433

Ft. Bragg, NC 28307

We are also looking for contributing writers on the current state of the music scene or just about anything else. Just contact us and we will get the ball rolling. At this point we are very open to new ideas as well so if you got something feel free to fire away. This site is for everyone!

Just keep on rockin'






Whatever style bring it on!


NoBetta Street Team

We are starting up a NoBetta Music Street Team. Promote the underground music you love and get free stuff in the process. Free Cds, stickers, posters, etc. and all you have to do is play the Cd for your friends and put up the stickers, posters and some flyers around your neighborhood. We will keep you aware of what bands will be in your area to check out. Help out bands that deserve it. Join now below :

NoBetta Street Team
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