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The Looper Trailer Rancho -- Where Jesus is King

For Rent: This classic 1959 Silverbird on Space 18 is available for rent.

At $165 a month + $125 space rent, you can be living in God's Mobile

Estates -- The Looper Trailer Rancho -- for under $300 per month!

This mobile estate is a singlewide and has recently had the carpet cleaned

and a new toilet seat installed.

Friends, we need a new truck for our ministry.

 Our old Chevy is ready to go back home to God. We

use the truck to ferry handicapped persons to our

church on Sunday. It is cold and windy in the bed of

the truck. We are looking for a van with a wheelchair

gate to replace the truck. The Nevada State Highway

Patrol says we can't carry the crippled in the back, even

if it is to hear the Gospel and even if we tie down their

chairs real good with the same premium rope used by the

US Navy. 

Can you please help with a love offering?