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LooperWorks of Righteousness -- Mobile Recording Studios


LooperWorks of Righteousness has long been known for its world class recording studio which uses a state of the art technology known as the "Looper Ceiling of Sound." This technology employs 144 Radio Shack S-Class portable cassette recorders with omni-directional microphones mounted in a 12 x 12 grid on the ceiling of our recording studio. By suspending the recorders on the ceiling, the listener is able to hear music,  sermons, prayers, or Holy Ghost worship just as  God hears it: From a position high and lifted up above the world of men. This stunning technological breakthrough is available in our permanent studio at $250 per hour.

Now we are offering a mobile version of the Looper Ceiling of Sound. We will come to your evangelistic crusade, church service, choir recital, Christian rap concert, or even to your family reunion with our specially equipped Van-of-Sound shown above. There, we will erect concert-grade truss-work and suspend our 12 x 12 cassette recorder grid 12 feet above the floor to catch every sound and voice as it ascends to God. You will be blessed to hear as your Father in Heaven in hears. Mobile recording service is available at the studio rate of $250 per hour plus expenses and a $250 per diem per technician.

You will receive your recording in any format you choose: 8-track, 45 rpm vinyl, cassette, or CD. If you are a Christian singer or rap artist, you no longer need to face all of hundreds of rejections from those so-called "Christian recording labels" who tell you that your work is no good.  Looper Recording Services will be glad to record your music onto CD for a modest fee. Then you can buy copies (minimum 300 copy purchase) to sell at your church, door-to-door, outside of evangelistic crusades, at pro-life pickets,  at cinematic openings of Tribulation movies, or anywhere else Christians gather. There will be no middlemen and you will make more profit per copy sold. Here is an example:

You pay LooperSound recording services $5.00 per CD plus recording fees. You retain all rights to your work. You set the price of your CD --  and most Christian music CD's sell for $19.99 -- and keep the profit. The Buford Brothers Gospel Quartet, one of our top recording groups, made over $500 last month during their Shout Very Loud for Jesus Tour in Tulsa. Likewise, Rage for the Savior, a teen Christian rap group we record, made $1,200 by selling their own CD's at their last concert. After paying for damages to the rented VFW hall, the group cleared $400 in cash -- and this in a single concert in a single night! Imagine the possibilities.

Here are some of our artists and their work:

Mrs. Matilda Owens, age 83, reads from the Psalms                

Why huff gold paint when you can walk streets of gold? -- A timely sermon for street people by Rev. Don Llewellyn

Rap-Skanks for Christ Are in Your Face

SurfJesus2002: The Collection

It's Polka Time in Heaven! -- Brother Jim Butler and his Magic Gospel Accordian

Harmonica Hymms by the Most Soulful Reverend Freddy Louis Sheldon

Decision in Dayton: A sermon warning of the End Times given by Pastor Dwight Brewster on August 12, 1975. Still a classic!

We're here, we're Saved, and we're Queer -- not really, this is a joke. We would never record queers.

Tap Dancing on Cloud Tops -- Little Shelly Anne, age 7, regales us by singing her Gospel favorites while tap dancing.