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Night of the World dot com (formerly is a webzine/resource for marginal or extreme forms of music, primarily focussing on experimental and avant-garde music. The site is also home to the music of Xaven Taner in the form of the Kavenism Maxi-Media project, and recordings under his own name. A discography and other information can be found in the Music section of the site. This section also contains some artistic endeavours relating to the music of Xaven Taner and the site in general. The Nurse With Wound Review Archive is a fan site for Xaven Taners favourite artist and contains the best and biggest collection of Nurse With Wound reviews anywhere on the web.


Born: August 1981
Location: London, England
Ocupation: Biotechnologist
Interests: Science, Football, Music/Musicology, Art/Art theory, Beer, Graphic design, Politics, Good food and drink, Cinema/Film studies, Surrealist activities, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Semiotics, Critical Theory, Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, Phenomenology, Evolutionary Psychology

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