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Front Line Assembly - Tactical Neural Implant

This was the first proper industrial album I bought. From the very first minute of the very first track I new it was something different. This is
considered to be FLAs best album and I have to agree. Tracks like Mindphaser, Gun and Outcast are amoung the finest the band have
recorded. The album was for itís time a revelation. The multilayered sounds, beats ambience and cold subject matter produced a haunting feel
and visions of a world where humanity was mechanised and sterile. Most of FLAs previous and future work concentration on this
theme, but it was on TNI that it bore the sweetest fruit. The stand out track for me are Mindphaser (probably there most well know song), Outcast,
and Gun. The track Gun is often considered to be the untimate FLA song. Driving industrial beats, synthesised ambience and Bill Leebs lyrics.
The lyrics seem to talk about a war between man and the state controlled machines. ďMarch to the rhythm fists in the air, statues torn
down, burning flags every wareĒ As usual the samples perfectly complement the music. The album was the first for FLA to focus more on
danceable rhythms and and almost techno sound. Itís this subtle approach which I believe brings out the songs true power. I remember
many nights listening to this CD in the car driving through the silent streets, black sky, this album really is lost soundtrack to Bladerunner (FLA
have admitted the influence of this film on their music). Its still sounds fresh and challenging today 10 years after itís release. Get hold of it!!!