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Throbbing Gristle - D.O.A. The third and final report

D.O.A the third and final report see TG moving in parts to a more experimental and subtle approach ditching for the most part the unrelenting brutality of tracks like Maggot death and Slug bait. Most of the tracks on D.O.A are studio recorded and span a wide range of styles and moods. This is probably my least favourite of TG studio albums, which will surprise many, but I just feel itís just a collection of songs and disjointed experimental filler rather than a focused consummate work. Perhaps this mirrors the tensions in the groups at this time, when relationships were becoming strained. Each of the members contribute one solo track to the mix of collaborative tracks. One funny note is that they include the ďhit singleĒ United on the album but speed it up so itís only 30 seconds long. Which is funny. Hamburger lady is a peak of TGs grim analytical dissection. Recounting a letter to Gen from a hospital attendant caring for a women with horrific burns from the waist up. Hit by a rock along with blood on the floor are the two tracks that most resemble the work from 2nd annual report. Angry guitar noise work outs with the famous gristle box working overtime. Home time, Coseys solo piece is a nice ambient dream work out with recordings of her friends children worked into the mix. Reminds me a bit of the Track Baby by Whitehouse. AB/7A is another Carter keyboard track which is a bit more interesting than his other ones on heathen earth and 20 jazz funk greats. E-coli is another experimental track with drones and tape recordings of two scientist discussing the threats/benefits of using e-coli in research. Death threats is recordings of answering machines of threats made against Cosey and Genesis. This leads slamming into Walls of sounds a static, drone, noise crescendo made up of recordings from numerous TG gigs. The CD version comes with tracks from another 7Ē single Five knuckle shuffle/We hate you little girls. Five knuckle shuffle being a repetitive vocal led jarring mix of synth beats and screeching guitar noise. We hate you little girls begins with seriously warped cornet playing before a swamp of noise crashes and Gens really rather silly screams come in, yelling we hate you little girls etc. Itís more than a little comic.