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Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets

This Neurosis latest release signals a landmark in the development of their sound. The change was evident on
1999s Times of grace, with a greater elements of subtlety and of experimental style. Here those
features reach their full potential and provide the listener with Neurosis most personal atmospheric
and focused work yet. Some of the experimental aspects of the Tribes of Neurot project have leaked
into this album with ambient passages and strange effects and processing poping up at regular intervals.
Also another development is in the vocal approach with Kelly and Von Tills performance
coming more the front of the mix and really becoming an essential instrument in the new sound.
Thereís the usual use of strings and the occasional piano, but itís defiantly a softer approach. However
donít be fooled into thinking they have turned their back on the driving power of before, almost every song at some point breaks into a burst of Neurosis trademark landslide guitars.

The brilliant The Tide and From the Hill demonstrate the power that this band are capable of emanating. The lengthy
Falling Unknown with itís desolate synth mid section breaking again into a wash of apocalyptic
sludge doom. On From where itís roots run the band show off some of their tribal influences with chanting
and tribal drumming. On the final track, the chiming bells and sedate vocals lead into a epic
closer of distortion force and catharsis. The album as a whole is a landmark achievement for them.