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Ministry - Psalm 69

This is one of favorite albums of all time. It came out when this sort of heavy metalic industrial was really experiencing a boom, and with the release of NINs Downwards spiral just over a year away, this period has been refered to as the second industrial boom. This is the album the broke Ministry into the big time. Their last effort, the crushing and complex, The mind is a terrible thing to taste, had only hinted at the brutality that was to come. Here the genres of Metal and Industrial really make good and create a piece of work that the mainstream rock/metal community can swallow.

The barage started from the word go with the fantasic classic N.W.O. The crushing stacato sound coupled with the great use of samples is essential.
Hero and the Industrio-Slayer slash of Just one fix follow closely behind. The club floor slammer, jesus built my hotrod, and my personal favorite ministry song Scarecrow make up the albums climax. The odd but compelling TVII also adds to the madness.
The track scarecrow with it's industrial doom grind and brilliant tense atmosphere, really is a classic of the genre. It wouln't be Ministry without a bit of humour, so we have the title track, all over the top gothic chant samples and ammusing vocals (stop it!!!). I love this album, it has everything, you could wish for in a CD of extreme music.