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Old man gloom - SeminarIII Tortuga

This is just brilliant. Old man gloom occupy that terrortory between bands like neurosis and the more hardcore/metal groups like converge.
This EP is the companion to Seminar II, but this one track EP clocking in at about 27 minutes is in a more experimental vein with sound collage, noise, and atmosphear playing a large role.
The guitar work is deffinatly in the neurosis style and the accompanying tortured vocals do at times emulate Steve von till. But to be honest neurosis never went as experimental as this. The track opens with unidentifiable light noise before breaking into a drone sounding like a recording of a train passing.
Muffled distant voices and other FX join the mix before a slow down tuned bass guitar riff starts the roll to oblivion. Brilliantly atmospheric and powerfull, this collage of guitar and tape carries on for about eight minutes before the track explodes into a sludge/doom work out.
The pained vocals fit perfectly the depressive mood. The grind lets up for a while as more vocal tapes move in. I think there talking about some mad apes or something. The grind begins again with a great apocalyptic repetitive riff reminiscent of Neurosis on Through silver in blood. It eventually gives way to more tape collages and industrial sounds before a tremendous wah-wah workout takes the song into more stoner territory.
Backed by the tapes and the industrialism this creates a really quite unique atmosphear. All in all a really quite brilliant track and an indication of what to come from a new and highly promicing band.