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Nurse With Wound - Chance meeting Of A Defective Tape Machine And A Migraine

- 2 untitled tracks

Another strange release around the same time as she and me fall together in free death was this “remixed” version of nurses classic debut Chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella. The story goes that when Matt Waldron tried to make a tape to tape copy of the album his tape machines manfunctioned and created this strange remixed version. Hmmmm I can understand the ammusement and surrealistic worth of this chance mechanical meeting but is it really worth putting it out on CD.

At first it just sounds like the debut in mono but as two mock projections comes to an end you can start to hear these bizarre tape distortions move in. Kind of like an overdub time stretched. This creates the illusion of there being no break between two mock projections and the six buttons of sex appeal, which sounds distinctly more trippy than the original. Again pretty mono sounding but with many odd distortions flitting about the track. By the time you get about five minutes in it sounds like theres another piece of music being played over the top. And when Stapletons screeming comes in the effect is quite alarming. If the original was deranged then this is off the planet. The songs are a lot longer than the original mainly due to the time stretching and it seems like the songs manage to feedback onto themselves with this alarming squall so that by the time you get to blank capsules of embroidered cellophane all you can hear is a distorted juddering mass of noise, with no resembalance to the original. I think they must have realised this as the track ends after only seven minutes where the original was over twenty-five minutes long.
So in all I would say the first 15 minutes sound like the original the next fifteen minutes sound bizzare and quite interesting and the final ten minutes is just headache inducing distortions. For die hards only.