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Nurse with wound - Soresucker EP

- I am the Poison
- Journey through Cheese

The Soresucker Ep is kind of a collaboration between Nurse and Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus. It contains two tracks, the first 'I am the poison' was later released in 1992 on 'Sugar fish drink' and also on 'Funeral music for Perez Prado' in 2001 along with the other track on this EP, 'Journey through cheese'.
'I am the poison' is an interesting piece that is built upon Wakefords trippy repeating bass motif over which he sings the poisonous mantra. Stapleton provides a backdrop of drones, and mechanical percussion. More electronic sounding than previous releases, it pre-empts the sound of 'Thunder Perfect Mind'. The song does begin to sound quite deranged as it moves along. High pitched squeals and laughter punctuate the ever present eb and flow of the bass and drone.

The second track 'Journey through cheese' is a very industrial sounding piece constructed around a backbone of pounding machine noise and smashing glass and clanking metal. The occasional laugh and cry can be heard behind the throb. Some of the sounds that were used on 'creakiness' are also employed here. In fact this track could be seen as a halfway house between 'creakiness' and the throbbing percussion of 'Cold' from 'Thunder perfect mind'. An amusing little item, certainly collectable, otherwise get hold of 'Sugar fish drink' or 'Funeral music for Perez Prado'.