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Nurse with wound/Organum - Sinister Senile

- Human Human Human [with Organum]
- Psychedelic Underground (In memory of Luud Noma)

Another split 7 this time with Organum. Although the word is that David Jackman had very little to do with the release and just supplied some of the sounds used for the A side 'Human Human Human'. This track seems pretty much identical to the version found on 'Automating volume 2'. Strange organic mechanical sounds and sounds of someone typing are mixed in with distorted speech and other subtle effects. The track main plus point is the wonderfully bizarre manifesto or report from some Scientology like cult describing how they passed a law making the keeping of pets a crime and how those same pets were exterminated to allow the free exchange of energy between humans. Its very funny but also slightly disturbing. The B side is the full version of 'Phycadelic Underground' which appears on the Live at bar Maldoror CD. The full version contains the first 4 minutes of the song, which are much more listenable than the last four minutes, where it get quite unbearably noisy, and it sounds like someone starts up their motorbike on stage and proceeds to try and tear up the floor of the venue. These extra minutes are much more subtle with the inclusion of some guitar plucks and some other less abrasive percussion. Like much of the 'Live at bar Maldoror CD' it has a slight eastern flavour to it, which adds a unique element to the sound. Limited to 500 copies and also being one of the hardest rarities to find will push the price of this up considerably. I saw it for sale for 50, $75 dollars, which is probably reasonable. The artwork is a very cool piece by Savage Pencil with a little girl with a dog on one side and the same girl as a one eyes monster on the back. Al on white background. Sweet item.