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Nurse with wound - Gyllensköld Geijerstam and I at Rydbergs

- Several Odd Moments Prior to Lunch
- Phenomenon of Aquarium and Bearded Lady
- Dirty Fingernails

This is a really cool item. It’s a great collectors item being limited to 500 copies and even better is that the music is almost completely different to the versions that were released in 1993 on the 'Large ladies with cake in the oven' album. This has been described as one of Nurses coldest releases. Listening to the versions on the 'Large ladies' Cd never understood this. But the original songs here do have a certain quality to them which is quite different to the Nurse material of the time. You could say it is more clinical, minimal and precise. I must say I probably prefer the 'Large ladies versions'. Here the tracks are 'Several odd moments prior to lunch', 'Phenomenon of aquarium and bearded lady' and on the second side 'dirty finger nails'. This was the first record Stapleton did with David Tibet and his influence is much more prominent on these original versions. In fact a lot of the first two tracks sounds like the material from Current 93s debut album 'Nature Unveiled', all distorted choirs and droning ambience. The nice piano part from 'Bearded lady' featured on the 'Large ladies' version is absent from this and the arrangement can be described as ghostly. Both songs are without the punctuation that was used in the later versions and some less structural pieces omitted from the later versions are featured here. There is quite a lot of odd percussive elements that are not on the 'Large ladies' versions and a whole range of chants, moans and groans are included here too. I think the best way to describe this would be a cross between 'Homotopy to Marie' and Current 93s 'Nature Unveiled'. The second side 'Dirty fingernails' is again less direct than the later version and includes some extra odd audio tape samples and strangeness. The ending using the heaven song from Eraserhead is absent and in it’s place is a array of evil sounding choirs and Crowley like chanting (Tibet influence again) . So without doubt a highly desirable item. If you can find it for less than £40 ($60) than buy it because I’ve seen it go for as much as £80 ($140).