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Nurse with wound - Red Flipper

- Red Flipper
- The Underworlde - Raw Satellite Country
- Richard Sinclar's Caravan Of Dreams - Keep On Caring

This 7” was a free give away with issue 8 of Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine. Can’t say I’ve ever read a copy but they seem to cover a wide range of music judging by this disk. The Nurse track is 'Red Flipper' again re-released on 'Large ladies with cake in the oven' and is another edit/remix of parts of 'creakiness'. You know the bit with all the doors opening and stuff. I quite like this edit' and the mix' and addition of some new sounds and textures add to the enjoyment. Also Stapleton’s daughter Lilith make a couple of very cute appearances. Now I consider myself quite open minded about things especially art and music but I must say that the other two tracks on this 7” are what we would technically call “pants” as in really rather bad and quite cringe worthy. The Underworlde give us 'raw satellite country'. They in fact give us raw 80s hair rock with less humour. Richard Sinclair’s Caravan of dreams invite us to 'keep on caring'. I think perhaps they are begging us to keep on caring, but you know Richard, one mans Caravan of dreams is another mans Nightmare on Elm street and his faux folk-rock sensitivity which threatened to drag on longer than my will to live is definitely one dream I’d rather wake up from. No sleeve art work, track listing etched on disk. Collectable but don’t forget to use that off button when required!!!