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Nurse with wound - A Sucked Orange

- Pleasant Banjo Intro with Irritating Squeak
- It's All Gone Weird
- Spiral Theme
- Man Is the Animal
- A Precise History of Industrial Music
- Raymonde Fluffs It
- Musical Bovine Spongiform (the Mad Cow Two-Step)
- I'm A Frayed Knot
- Sinan Sings for Her Chums
- It Just Ain't So
- Nasal Hair
- Rockette Morton Part One
- Rockette Morton Part Two
- Dogs Breath Rising
- This Piano Can't Think
- Crack Up
- Scissor Rock Bicycle Revelation
- Dream of a Butterfly Inside the Skull of a Horse
- Raymonde Cries a River
- Fade / Crack Down
- Ritva Sings for the World
- Peccadillo
- Great - God - Father - Nieces
- It Just Ain't So (Slight Return)
- A Little Missing Part of Homotopy to Marie
- S.B.B. Dragged through a Hedge Backwards
- Scrapie
- Flea Bite
- Scrambled Egg Rebellion in the Smegma Department

A sucked orange is a twenty nine track compilation of out takes and random unused material from Stapletonís huge tape archive. The reason for compiling this collection was that he was moving out to Ireland and couldnít take all his tapes with him so most had to go in the bin. He ďpicked them cleanĒ to reveal these tracks.

Itís a hit and miss affair with some tracks being frankly silly e.g. 'Raymonde fluffs it'. And some are short pleasant tid-bits. 'The spiral theme' with itís drifting ambience, or 'A precise history of industrial music', which features various machines (a printer) and other strange sounds. 'Rockette Morton' parts one and two, are just a loop of the name Rockette Morton delayed, mutated and twisted for what seems like eternity. 'Iím a frayed Knot', features the tribal beats and sounds from 'Aquarium'. 'This piano canít think', is the unaltered piano piece from the second track off 'spiral insania'. 'Crack up', is a swamp of orchestral synths. While 'scissor rock bicycle revelation' is loops of scissors and someone changing a bicycle chain (I think).

Most of the tracks here are quite simple with only a few elements competing to be heard. 'Dream of a butterfly inside the head of a horse' is another amusing track, muffled buzzing and dissonant drones and sounds. 'It just aint so (slight return)' was used on the 'Sylvie and babs hi-thigh companion'. 'A little missing part of homotopy to Marie', is just that. 'Scrambled egg rebellion in the smegma department' is a nice end to this compilation. Echoed cries and all that. Definitely a mixed bag. I suppose this is as close as you could get to demo versions of Nurse songs. All the pieces chopped up and separate before the Nurses put them together in their deformed wonderful ways. For fans only me thinks.