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Nurse with wound - The Musty Odour Of Pierced Rectums

- 13 untitled tracks

This is a little gem. Available only at a NWW meet and great in portland in 2003, this EP limited to 200 copies contains outtakes and raw materials from the 'She and me fall together in free death' sessions. Although this could be seen as Stapletons junk, the sounds and textures found here do in fact stand up on their own merit and the CD as a whole flows very nicely.

Most of the tracks contain short cut-up style glitch style electronics however there are three or four longer tracks out of the thirteen on the disk. Track two being the first of these. A sort of remix of the 'Chicken concrete' song from 'she and meÖ'.It sounds like a heavily reverbed and tripped out version of the original. Some of the sounds are reworked and the atmosphere is a lot more spaced and dream like than the more dry sounding original which I still prefer however this version gives the track a new twist and works very nicely. Tracks three, four, and five are worked around some of the textures and loops found on the 'She and me' title track and some more of the glitch sounds on 'chicken concrete', they flow together as one distorted malestrom of noise. Much of the material on this disk is reminiscent of the heavy industrial sounding material found on 'Large ladies with cake in the oven', mechanised and oppressive. Which would aptly describe tracks six to ten . The sound of metal on metal, gongs chains, running water, droning distant machines, a dense forest of music concrete. Track nine is amusing in that itís sound like a recording of Stapelton eating an apple. Tracks eleven to thirteen are made up of short distorted computer talk which glitches and sways before the CD ends.
So another bizarre collectors item from the nurse. Both musically interesting and aesthetically intriguing.