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Nurse with wound/Current 93 - Music for the horse hospital

A two CD set of music specially recorded to accompany the display of art by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet at the Horse hospital in London in June 2002. I attended and can say the show was great and the music complemented the surroundings perfectly. However on record, on their own im not so sure how well these two lengthy pieces stand up. Current 93s side is a drone, piano and violin based piece which lasts 45 mins. Itís a very progressive, freeform like piece that is made up of a repeating harmonium drone over which. Joolie Wood, Maja Elliott and Julia Kent weave serpentine swaths of sound. Itís quite hypnotic and works well in the background and given your full attention you begin to appreciate the little nuances and patterns. Nurses contribution however is not so impressive. It is titled 'Salt' and is the droning ominous ambience that would become the foundation of the 2003 release 'Salt Marie Celeste'. Virtually silent for the first few minutes before the deep pulsing, all consuming drone fills the room. It does get quite suffocating and is an excellent piece of drone work. However on itís own and at an hour in length it works a hell of a lot better when used in the context of the gallery. An interesting release but one definitely for collectors and completists only.