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NWW vs Earth Monkey - Hanu@Basscloud

- Hanu@Basscloud
- Wayward Crystal Arrow
- Echobase
- Sister marble gazer

As a bonus with the LP version of Earthmonkeys debut Audiosapien this really is a treat. Four tracks off the LP mutated, expanded and well and truly psyched up by Stapleton into a fantastically trippy decent through acid, psyche, Kraut and experimental music. The title track kicks thing off is great style with an amusing intro from Jimmy Karl Black (The Indian of the group) before the distorted Fuzz guitar begins itís hallucinogenic trip into the sonic depths. Stapletonís hand can be felt in the much expanded sound spectrum with many interesting concrete and vocal elements popping up here and there. A great deal of extra effects are used along with the track being generally longer than the version on the LP. Occasionally the track will lull, the distorted rhythm opening up to allow sci-fi like synth work to take centre stage accompanied by some of Stapletonís classic cut-ups. The track ends with a collage of drones, sounds like bicycle chains and child voices.

The second track, 'Wayward Crystal Arrow' is a remix of the rather oddball track off the LP 'Crystal nightcap'. It could almost have come off the last Boards of Canada album. Driving sequenced beats with ambient like tonal washes circling above. It is nice to listen to but like the original sits rather awkward with the rest of the material. Side 2 of this LP begins with 'Echobase'. This track begins with the sounds of shakers, cartoonish vocals and bip hop like electronic rhythms. This is soon accompanied by female chanting and more sequenced beats. The trippy guitar and bass work are not far behind. The atmosphere on this track is even more spaced out than the title track, and this really is saying something. Lotís of NWW like musique concrete elements in the background, creating a kind of stoned freaky dream like atmosphere. There a great acid rock guitar solo about half way through that will put a smile on your face whatever your mood. Stapletonís production and sonic madness fits very well with the Earthmonkey material, making me wonder if any future NWW releases will incorporate any of this sort of stuff.

The final track is 'Sister marble gazer' which begins with a repeating bass motif and more child voices. This track has a saxophone on it, which adds a new dimension to the sound which is only slightly less trippy than the other two guitar based tracks, but no less interesting. There is an overtone of 60s Smokey lounges in the smooth sax and keyboards. The beats also have a very jazzy feel to them. Some of this track could have been used for the soundtrack to David Cronenbergs Naked lunch and to be honest that could be said about a lot of this material. If youíve seen the film you will know what to expect from this album. For everyone else I would recommend seeking out this Earthy Monkey for your own personal trip.