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Nurse with wound - Funeral Music For Perez Prado

- Yagga Blues
- Yagga Blues (Instrumental)
- Funeral Music For Perez Prado
- I am the Poison
- Journey Through Cheese

Funeral Music for Perez Prado collects the 'Soresucker' and 'Yagga Blues' Singles together and also includes the half an hour long title track. Perez Prado was the Cuban-American pianist and band leader whoís 50s recordings were such a huge influence on Stapleton during the Early-Mid nineties, and inspired the Nurse albums 'Rock and roll station' and 'Who can I turn to stereo'. The first two tracks are from the latter album. One being the full vocal version with soothing female vocals and the other an instrumental version showcasing the tight Latin influenced beats and rhythms that penetrated much of Stapletonís work during this period. Like the two albums inspired by Prado these tracks are less challenging than the more concrete or noise based Nurse material but no less rewarding.

The title track is what you might call a meditative piece that is built up by droning flute and trance like sweeping ambience. Itís a slow evolving piece that requires patience but when in the right frame of mind the huge washes of seemingly oriental style tones and drones really are quite beautiful. Slowly building and crashing like a slow motion sea. It strangely finishes with a Mambo/Latin like FX that knocks you out of your trance.

Fourth track is the excellent 'I am the Poison' with Tony Wakeford on Bass and vocals. Not much difference to the 'Sugar Fish Drink' or 'Soresucker' versions. Eerie evolving drone, bass FX driven madness that is typical of the material of that period. Whoever came up with the suggestion for a twenty-three minute version of 'Journey through cheese' really should have their head examined. The original was ok, if a bit repetitive but this really is a trial on the senses. Slower, hulking with some added noisy bitís, it doesnít disguise the fact that the thing is looping over and over again. If you really liked the original, I guess you will like this to, but if the original was a bit lost on you then this will push you right over the edge. An interesting release but for hardcore fans only.