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Nurse with wound/Current 93 - Faiths Favourites

- Ballad of the Pale Girl
- Swamprat

Stunningly gothic cover art featuring a montage of scull, bones and birds all in black and white adorns this late 80s collaboration. This 12Ē was released during Current 93s 'Swastikas for Noddy' era, a period when between them NWW and C93 seemed to be releasing Lps every couple of months. 'Swamp rat' can be found on the 'Sugar fish drink' compilation, and 'Ballad of a Pale girl' can be found under the title of The 'Ballad of the pale Christ' on current 93s 1988 album 'Christ and Pale queens mighty in sorrow'.

The Nurse track doesnít appear to have many differences to the later CD version. The track begins with cathedral choral synth work before the voice comes in repeating the title swamp rat. The rhythmic drumming also joins in along with the deranged slapstick sounding giggles and guitar twiddling. This track was never one of my favourites, I always found it a bit incohesive. The gothic synth work not sitting well with the squeaky guitar and relentless percussion. It also seems a little repetitive. I think the extended mad laughter at the end was omitted on the CD version.

C93s track is typical of their apocalyptic folk period and while this track didnít really do it for me on the CD, here is seems to be full of life and much richer production. Rose Mcdowells backing vocals coming through especially well. The strumming work of Douglas P is consistent throughout but never gets boring. Tibetís vocals are impressive here, which cannot always be said of mid-late 80s C93. So in all a so-so release. Certainly worth picking up for completists but casual fans would be better advised to get 'Sugar fish drink' and 'Christ and the Pale queens' Cds.