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Nurse with wound/Stereolab - Crumb Duck

- Steel Drum March of the Metal Men
- The Dadda's Intoxication
- Exploding Head Movie [with Stereolab]
- Animal or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason .....) [with Stereolab]
- A New Dress (remix]

A split release between Nurse with wound and Stereolab. The three Nurse pieces are 'Steel Drum March of the Metal Men' (from the vinyl release of that name), 'The Dadda's Intoxication' (also from the Steel Drum March release), and a remix of the track 'A new dress'. 'Steel Drum March of the Metal Men' is basically a slight reworking of the 'Miss tickler mix' of 'Cold' off 'Thunder perfect mind'. Itís not quite as manic as the 'Miss tickler mix', and has a more juddering stop start feel to it. 'The Dadda's Intoxication' sounds like a spacey reworking of parts of the Nurse song 'Creakiness'. More mechanical and vast sounding, the tight enclosed sounds of the original are manipulated into a wide open space where the creaking doors and mechanics sound larger and I suppose more oppressive. The remix of 'A new dress' is fairly unremarkable, the text about a man who buys a dress for his estranged wife/girlfriend is still slightly warped and the atonal drones are, just as forceful.

Now this was my first exposure to Stereolab so donít judge me to harshly, but I really canít see the appeal. Quite why Stapleton agreed to do a split with them is beyond me. The music seems simple repetitive and uninteresting and the atonal vocals are just irritating. Both their tracks 'Animal or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason .....)' ,And 'Exploding Head Movie' do nothing for me. 'Animal or Vegetable' is the better of the two, itís slow, droney backdrop and backward sounding vocals are for a while seductive, but as soon as they kick in with the drumming and bass, they just become drab. I donít know, maybe this is a bad representation of their work, but I doubt I will be investigating them further. I think you could say this release is for the collector only.