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Nurse With Wound - Having Fun With The Prince Of Darkness

- PFL (Deambulation Mix)
- A Perfectly Natural Expectation

This is a concert only release that was on sale at the Current 93 shows in Toronto, Canada in 2004. It contains two tracks one new and one old. The 'Deambulation mix' of 'The penis fruit loop' was released on the Wire magazines compilation disk Wire tapper 6 in 2000, and there is no noticeable difference with it here. The track jumps straight into the odd brass band beat section of the song accompanied by all sorts of clattering objects and noise. Thereís a funny accordion solo in the middle and huge numbers of cartoonish effects. Sirens, springs, shattering glass, like an episode of roadrunner directed by David Lynch. The latter half of the track is more mellow with low humming drones and electronic chatter.

The new track is called 'A perfectly natural expectation'. It begin with an American woman repeating the title over some backwards radio scanning and deep spacey drones. This reminds me heavily of Robert Ashleys She was a visitor with itís dark tense and hypnotic feel, and of course the use of a repeated vocal phrase. Disorientating ambience and almost choral synth work make this a short sharp stand out track. A good collectors item.