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Nurse with wound - Crank/Wisecrack

- Crank
- Wisecrack

A split 7Ē release with the Termite Queen (aka Stapletonís wife Diana Rogerson) limited to 500 copies. The first thing that strikes you about this is the thin bookmark like wrapper that is slipped over the otherwise sleeveless record. Quite unusual. The music itself was like many of these early/mid eighties releases put out again on the 'Large ladies with cake in the oven' CD in 1993. I canít say Iím a huge fan of these two tracks. Noisy almost angry sounding industrial songs. Very little subtlety. 'Crank' is quite reminiscent of 'Cold' from 'thunder perfect mind' and is built upon repetitive mechanical loops and rhythms, with some sharp high pitched electronic sounding noises augmenting the bassy clank and crank of the song.. Very metallic and industrial sounding. Well produced but at times just a bit too grating for the ear. Although I bet it was fun to record all these machines. 'Wisecrack' from the termite queen is what you could describe as deranged. Again very angry and mechanical sounding the track opens with what sounds like someone running across a floor and a distant voice, and an animal having a fit at the back of the mix. Again machine sound play a prominent role and what sounds like cutups from a phone or radio conversation of a man talking about something or someone being free. Eventually the "animal" in the background untangles itís self to reveal Diana Rogersons frankly mad vocals. When you see the modern pictures of her itís hard to believe that itís the same woman who recorded this. But hey she was in a band called Fist fuck so who am I to argue!!!!. The vocals sound quite like some of said bands material. Angry sexually charged dominating rants, that you might not want to cuddle up to a loved one while listening to. Sank my boat anyway.
Very limited, Iíve seen it go for as much as £50,- $75.