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Nurse with wound/Current 93 - Bright Yellow Moon

- Butterfly Drops
- Disintegrate Blur 36 page 03
- Mothering Sunday (Legion Legion)
- Nichts
- Die, Flip Or Go To India
- Walking Like Shadow

Although they have collaborated extensively over the last twenty year, this is the first release to be titled as a direct union between Nurse With Wound and Current 93. The CD sprung from a well of inspiration David Tibet had gained while recovering from peritonitis. This disk documents many of his experiences while in hospital, and thus is a very personal but also rather abstract collection. The CD opens with 'Butterfly drops', a wonderfully melancholic song with delicate guitar plucks from Michael Cashmore with distant epic sweeps from Stapleton. David Tibets lyrics for this and all the songs on this CD are excellent, showing his maturity and his now intensely personal lyrical stance.

The second track 'Disintegrate Blur 36 page 03' is a more subtle track with sprinkles of sound dotted around a sparse atmosphere of drones and percussion. Tibets vocals enter about halfway through to song and are as usual perfect for the piece. The track blurs into the albums most surreal moment in 'Mothering Sunday (legion legion)', which is a dictation of events by Tibet to which Stapleton punctuates with various effects and sounds, glass breaking, footsteps etc. It is an interesting piece but somewhat breaks up the albums flow. The placement of sounds within the track also at times seems a bit heavy handed.

'Nichts' the forth track is in stark contrast to the first two songs, being an extremely noisy mix of train sounds, sparking electrical cables and other concrete elements. There is also a sample of a chap repeating "you gotta go to hell on the black diamond train". Very noisy harking back to early Nurse days in terms of the use of harsh noise.

The track however blends perfectly into the penultimate track 'Die, flip or go to India'. This is the albums highlight for me. Very subtle with low drones, vinyl like ticks and scratches and distant calls and cries. Tibets wonderfully atmospheric vocals give the impression of calm foggy seas and a silent abandoned ship drifting into nothingness. It is a great song. The album ends in similar vein as it began, with more soothing guitar work from Cashmore and melancholic lyrics from Tibet. This is a unique collaboration for the two groups, resulting in a unique sounding album. Certainly different from other material in their back catalogues but definitely worth getting hold of.