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Nurse with wound - The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Thigh Companion

- You Walrus Hurt the One You Love
- Great Balls of Fur

This is just a classic, a one off in the bands discography, quite what made them decide they wanted to do an album like this is beyond me, but the results are fantastic. The whole album is made up of pieces of easy listening songs, old TV theme tunes and various jokes and sound collage from the bands tape collection and bargain basement 60s/70s cheese that Stapleton had been collecting at the time. Thereís no darkness to be found here, in fact some of this will make you laugh out loud. There a lot of self mockery here, check out David Tibetís suggestion for a NWW song title at the start of the second track, he he he!!. But itís not just a pisstake for the sake of it, the production, composition and care put into arrangements is brilliant, from the cartoonish monster mash sample and TV cop theme tunes to more sedate warped easy listening mutations. I think they got various people who they knew to sing some of the easy listening songs. 'I got you under my skin', 'what do ya wanna make those eyes at me for?', are all sung like a demented butlins red coat over out of tune piano. It really requires earphones to truly appreciate all the craziness going on here.

Dirty jokes, silly sound sampleís ďdonít talk to me about first aid boy you already owe me fourteen chickensĒ all compete for space. Itís madness it really is. The artwork is also quite special made up like some west end musical from the fifties, with a huge cast of contributors including members of Whitehouse, Foetus and others from the bands past and present. Jhonn Balance is credited with having contributed but apparently was put on after he asked Stapleton if he could be included in the credits when they bumped into each other in the Heaven nightclub toilets!!!

Itís almost pointless for me to describe either of the two tracks in further detail, they are so off the wall. All you have to know is that this is a whirlwind of warped tape collage and manipulation that the band has never bettered, and most importantly it is great fun.