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Nurse with wound - Automating Volume 2

- The Strange Play of the Mouth
- Elderly Man River/Dance of Fools
- Lonely Poisonous Mushroom
- Human Human Human
- Lea Tantaaria
- New Dress

The second in the 'Automating' series containes perhaps an even more bizarre collection of Nurse rarities than the first. Starting with 'The strange play of mouth', the track is built around warped female vocals and utilising very dramatic production to create the so called “multi-dimensional” atmosphere stated in the press release. Thumping drumming and some violin rhythms combine in the midpart of the song before the singing and cinematic atmosphere return for another multi dimensional adventure.

Next is 'Old man river/dance of fools', now there is an awful lot of stuff going on here, discordant beats, silly percussion and horns with some drunken female vocals begin the song. It doesn’t take long for the song to begin to unravel in a very strange way as sped up classical music flits across the speakers and a man that sounds like a fifties cabaret singer pops up, just before a really rather abrasive screaming noise excursion the like of which pops up in the middle of 'Glory hole'. The noise fades away to reveal the dance of fools part of the song, and a frankly ridiculous dictation about a pantomime horse. Mad.

The next two tracks are rare tracks from the outsider music project by Graeme Revell and are similar in style to some of the parts of 'Spiral Insania' using piano and organ but with the production values of '150 murderous passions'. The second of these tracks being more sedate combining low piano notes, and a xylophone, among the instruments.

The next track 'Human Human Human' is quite fun. It features a sort of public information broadcast by a crazy cult, about human self realisation and how pets are energy rip offs, and how the best way to remove said pets is to cook them. The last track 'A New dress' has a similar atmosphere to 'I was no longer his dominant', but this time the testimony is about a husband who tries to give his abused (I think) wife a new dress, and ends up in prison. I can’t really tell if this is demonstrating the mans obsession, or if the woman made everything up and how it ruined his life. Anyways this is really essential Nurse listening along with the first in the series.