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Nurse with wound - Alien

- Alien (Act Side)
- Alien (Art side)

The Alien 7 was released in 1990 and according to the sleeve contains music from the long overdue soundtrack to the film Lumbs Sister. Quite a nifty little item, the first side contains a short rhythmic industrial track made up of banging machine rhythms sounding very much like the track 'Cold' off 'Thunder perfect mind'. Static and steam jets pan across the speakers augmented by other sounds like buzzing electric razors and electronic fuzz. Its short and too the point.

The second side contains no tracks only two lock grooves. One at the outer edge of the disk and the other close to the centre. Lock grooves were a concept that developed during the very early days of musique concrete before reel to reel tape recorders were available. A loop could be created by cutting a groove that does not spiral as a normal record would into the centre. A lock groove has no end and the needle of the record player just goes round and round without stopping. The first lock groove on Alien is a rather bizarre funk Jazz loop that is quite strange compared to the banging percussion on the first side. The loop was recycled for a track on the Nurse with Wound / Aranos collaboration Santoor Lena Bicycle. The second lock groove is shorter and consists of noisy distorted static. Not much more to say. A rare item, that can fetch anything up to 40. For completists only.