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Nurse with wound - Alice the Goon

- (I Don't Want to Have) Easy Listening Nightmares
- Prelude to Alice the Goon
-(untitled track)

Alice the goon was a specially recorded EP for the Musiques Ultimes festival in France in 1995. The demand for the LP though resulted in it being re-released on CD shortly afterwards with a bonus track. There are three tracks, the first of which gives you a bit of surprise as the easy listening sample loop jumps straight at you as you press play. Somewhat reminiscent of the material on the Silvie and Babs hi-thigh companion, the sample twists and turns being accompanied by various electronic spins and hisses. The trademark sheep ventilator guitar of Stapleton also makes an appearance. The song is ended by the accompaniment of a female singer waxing lyrical about how easy it is.

The second track is more of a traditional nurse song, dissonant sounds and drones, plucked bass and what sounds like a kazoo. Metallic sweeps and other ambient and tonal textures. The longest of the three tracks it drifts pleasantly around your headspace, as bells and a distant acoustic melody joins the mix, shortly accompanied by more female moaning/singing.

The final track is an almost Eno like exercise in natural ambience. A light tone vibrates and morphs before more reverbed voices ghost about the scene, the occasional bell and foreboding tone join in. Very atmospheric and calming, music to an out of body experience. A quality release for anybody into the modern nurse sound, those only into the old style may find it a bit too quiet.