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Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood

Neurosis are a band that have always demanded respect, and the respect they have in the metal underground is
very much deserved. They have always forged ahead alone, never conforming to current trends,
always continuing to develop there very personal vision of extreme music. This is in fact the Third
Neurosis CD is got hold of and was the one that really got me hooked. I never really got into “times
of grace“, but “a sun that never sets” reignighted my interest in them and led me to get hold of this
release. It is without doubt there most extreme and loud release, but that’s not to say the music
isn‘t punctuated by some mournful piano or even the appearance of bagpipes (as on Purify). They
perfectly blend hardcore metal, Industrial elements, traditional styles and a number of vocal
styles to produce there unique atmospheric slow core sound. A times it is sludgy at times totally
brutal and others melancholy. The tracks range from mid length tracks like eyes to epics like the 11
minute Aeon. They have a very apocalyptic outlook which is seen both in the lyrics and there
compositional styles. The two industrial, sample ladened tracks Rehumanize and Become the ocean are
little doomy interludes before the metallic mayhem begins again. My favourite track is Locust Star, where
two of there three vocalists Steve von till and Dave Edwardson battle it out in a awesome show of
force culminating in the climatic end. A will to power indeed. There are elements of Doom, Sludge
and crust in the guitar sound which is always totally crushing. And while it is a bit of a
trial listening to the whole 70 odd minutes of it at one sitting, the power of this album is undeniable.