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Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro

Oh man this is brutal, the very essence of black metal distilled, mutilated and played at 1000mph.
Anaal Nathrakh hailing (no pun intended) from England, produce the sort of high speed brutality that black metal was famous for in the early nineties. Distorted vocals ranging guitars.
The songs are of such a speed that they use a drum machine for percussion.
I think a human drummer might just spontaneously combust if he tried to play this material.
There are no keyboards or flashy production, but there is use of samples and some minor electronic effects to add to the brutality.
I read an article describing them as Mayhem meets Whitehouse, which is a pretty good description .
The song titles are also keeping with the Whitehouse theme. “When Humanity is Cancer”, and “Human all to F**king Human”.
The songs while almost completely blast based have a lot of very cool structures using samples and other effects.
Brutal but also adding an element of atmosphere and tension. My favourite tracks are The supreme Necrotic audnance, Submission is for the weak, and the staggering brutal Pandemonic hyperblast.
Don’t think Darkthrone or Immortal or even old mayhem. This is now and this is the most shredding piece of metal in years.