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Esoteric - Metamorphogenesis

A mystical, desolate journey into the depths of the darkest souls of man. Thats how I would describe this album. Esoterics forth album, is a tour de force of apocalyptic power and dynamics. Taking references from right across the spectrum from Swans, Neurosis, Old school industrial and the cream of the funeral doom scene. As soon as you press play it hits you, with an impenetrable wall of sound, vast, epic riffs, and distant harmonics. Only three tracks but clocking in at over 45 mins
The album starts with Dissident, quite a death metal influence here but still centred within Esoterics swirling doomscapes and apocalypic noise. This is the longest track at 17 mins, it builds and crashes around seemingly dissorganised structures, but listen closly and you can here the genius behind the confusion, the complex structures within these songs make them even less accessable than most other funeral doom.
The second track "The Secret of The Secret" is for me the best thing Esoteric have ever done. It is quite literally trance enducing. Screeching walls of feedback battle with sharp blast of melody and phycadelic riffs, both crushing and enchanting. The song breaks midpoint for a synth, feedback, slow motion drift that sent me into another world when I first heard it. This song really is amazing, i have never got board of it. The songs climax when all the completing structures combine into one huge wall of force and melody with some magic solos lapping up against your ears The track ends like the first with more industrial noise feedback, before the final song "Psychotropic Transgression" breaks in.
This is more sedate than the first two tracks, with more of that Esoteric mystisism and otherworldy atmosphere, again some inspired riffs and textures. The vocals perfects fit the mood of the songs, with the growls acting as another instrument mixing with the grinding riffs and synths adding to the vast apocalyptic feel. This is a extremely out there release from an even more out there band, but if you have an open mind and a fondness for extreme doom then get hold of this release, or listen to it on the bands website