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Esoteric - The Pernicious enigma

An searing wall of brutal doom, from start to finish this will crush you to the ground and cry victory over your broken body. One of the slowest and heaviest band on earth (apart from the band earth)Esoteric carve long progressive, almost trippy doomscapes ranging mostly around the 12-15 minute mark. Deep distorted vokills mix with deathy slow guitars and strange distant synths.
Most tracks involve large amounts of angry distortions and effects, to add to the madness. The first track creation begins with a cool, bassy ambient kind of sound, with a use of melody that is rare for the most part on this album. Samples from films are used on occation throughout the album.
Then it really gets going and the grinding, holocaust begins, there are no really fast bits, but the tempo does change from a thumping pace to almost slow motion as the tortured vocalist screams his vengfull rage to oblivion. Did I mention that this is a double CD clocking in at around two hours? By the time it has finished your gonna need therapy.
The second disk is my favourite, with the short grindcoreish At war with the race, and the nightmare trip of A Worthless Dream and Stygian Narcosis.
Death-doom-industrial-ambient?, who knows they take the most alien and brutal elements from many obscure genres and blend them into a malstrom of amazing technical brutality. This band really is quite unique, both in it's slowness and brutality and in it stageringly missanthropic outlook. Esoteric really are the essence of DOOOOOOMMMM!!!