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Whitehouse - Bird Seed

Latest blast of electronic noise spite from the long standing kings of industrial experimental brutality. Perhaps a step down from the grating grind of Cruise, but deffinatly a step up in quality. More lyrics, only one instrumental and one collage track and a general all round increase in humor. The first track Why you never became a dancer sounds a lot like Princess disease from cruise with pounding noise throbs and the usual lyrical bite from Bennett and Best. The second track Wriggle like a f**king eel is probably the best track on the album. Complex almost rhythmic and really rather good. The end part when the the title is repeated over and over hysterically is really rather funny, wriggle, go on wriggle , wriggle, heheheheh. Yes anyway the next rack is more high pitched scrapes and sythes, Philosophy is more understated in itís lyrical approach but no less effecting. Then comes the Sotos track Bird seed, more recordings of molested children and murder victims families. These things really donít work and I donít know why theres a need for them after three records. Cut hands has the solution is just a repeated drum beat over which the excellent vocals are screeched. And the final track is noise loops with some bizarre ethnic sounding vocals in the middle. So all in all a very enjoyable album much better than cruise and an indication that there is life in the Whitehouse camp after all.