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Current93 - The Starres are marching sadly home EP - I have a special plan for this world EP

The starres are marching sadly home is the third and final part of current93s inmost light trilogy. It clocks in at around 22 minutes and consists of one highly experimental song.It never once gets boring and is exceptionally creepy at times. The lyrics are all included in the booklet and deal as with the other two parts of the trilogy with the cycles of life and death. This EP focuses more on the death part. The text is mostly spoken and whispered over the music which is a collection of samples, ambiences and noises. The principal loop is a sample of music from apparently Alessandro Moreschi, the last castrato.
The crunchy crackly samples create an atmosphere of dread and doom. Vocals are provided by David Tibet, folk singer Shirley Collins and Roxanne Stapleton.

I have a special plan for this world is the second collaboration between Current93 and Thomas Ligotti who provides the text.
This is without doubt the most eerie piece of music I have ever heard. It is also 22 minutes long and is a short story by Ligotti set to Current93s music.
The story itís self is a bizarre abstract about a man with a plan, a very special plan for this world.
Itís a highly misanthropic story with no little amount of dementia included. Ghostly loops and manipulations swirl around.
Tibets vocals always appear on the left hand speaker like dictated into a tape recorder and after the tape is switched off what he has said is repeated in the right speaker highly mutated into almost electronic noise.
There is some harmonics in the background and some very subtle layered sounds. Subtlety is the watchword here, thereís no traditional music here no guitars or piano. Just highly experimental noise and atmospheres. Get hold of this while you can.