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Nurse with wound - Large ladies with cake in the oven

- Bearded Lady
- Odd
- Aquarium
- Dirty Fingernails
- Shelia Na Gig
- Red Flipper
- Head Cold
- Scapegoat
- Cranke
- Wisecrack
- Glory Hole
- Brained

Even by Nurse with wound standards this is a very strange record. Compiled from the early eighties vinyl records Gyllenskold, Brained by Falling masonry, and various snippets from other rare releases like Red Flipper and March of the metal machine man. This is certainly one of NWWs most bizarre releases. The first three tracks drift into one another with, soft whispered voices, tape manipulations, ghostly mechanical sounds and atmospheres before an odd marching band starts up a rather tin pot anthem. The track jumps back and forward with skitting vocal tapes before a pretty piano melody takes hold, a crash breaks the melody and the pianist smashes the living daylights out of the piano.

Dirty fingernails is the last track off Gyllensköld Geijerstam and I at Rydbergs, with abstract sounds and manipulations combining with radio scratches and industrial effects before the Heaven song sung in the film Eraserhead meandered in at the end. Very eerie. Sheila Na Gig is made up of high pitched female moans and cries. It’s probably my least favourite of the track on here. Red flipper is an edit of parts of Creakiness. The part with all the hammering and doors opening and shutting, with various additions and a sweet little girl talking about a mouse at the end. (Stapletons daughter Lilith I believe)

Head cold is an edit of the song Cold found on Thunder perfect mind, not as good as the miss tickler mix in my opinion. Scapegoat is all creaking grinding noises, while Crank and wise crack have hideous angry voices and radio recordings, creating a harsh industrial landscape. Glory hole (Nurses dedication to David Lynch) is a long ambient sounding track with a woman singing at the start before some strange mechanical sounds take over. The songs seems to go dead before what sounds like someone throwing a dozen milk bottles down to stone stairs, crashes in, followed by a load of screaming and yelling. The singing comes back with a load of scary ambient sounds and looped voices. The final track is a more Rockish track with J.G. Thirwell (Of Foetus) singing, guitars, percussion and other madness. Mad album, mad band, get hold of this, you wont regret it.