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Current93 - Thunder Perfect Mind

This is probably my second favourite C93 album after all the pretty horses. This album in fact predates
that masterpiece by five years. It is a very epic album being around 70 minutes long and containing 16 songs.
The style is that of apocalyptic folk, using guitar, flute, and other acoustic instruments.
However this is current93 so on many tracks thereís is a combination of the folk music with
strange electronic effects drones and samples. The whole thing flows brilliantly like all C93s best albums.
It has a very lush sound, and is very dreamy , almost trance inducing. It also has one of C93 best ever songs.
A sadness song combines extremely melancholic flute and acoustic guitar with
David Tibetís brilliant vocals. There are many guest appearances here with John balance of coil,
Rose Mcdowall, Douglas P of Death in June and the folk singer Shirly Collins. Even Edward Ka-Spel does some bells somewhere.
Thereís not a bad song on the album. The best approach is to let it play
right the way through so to appreciate the superb ebb and flow of this hypnotic journey.
Stand out tracks for me are the mentioned Sadness song, Mary Waits in silence, Riverdeadband, the nine
minute All the stars are dead now and Rosy star tears from heaven. The two tracks Thunder Perfect
mind I and II are ambient, folky instrumentals leading into the sixteen minute Hitler As Kalki.
Another great progressive work out with more Rockish guitar. The final rack is a second
version of A sadness song, this time a highly reverbed droned out version with Mcdowall on vocals.
Itís a very otherworldly quiet finish to this brilliant piece of art.