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Current93 - Sleep Has His House

Current 93 of late have been moving away from the biblical and apocalyptic folk style that has been
their trademark for nearly 12 years. The Inmost light trilogy marked a change to a more personal and
reflective C93 culminating in the melancholic masterpiece of Soft black stars. This is the album released
after SBS and again is a very personal and reflective album, focussing mainly on the death of David Tibets father.
Most tracks have a similar sound, being harmonium, gently strummed guitar and some other little effects and touches.
There is the occasional use of piano in some songs.
The first track with vocals is Good morning Great moloch,
as usual the lyrics are often abstract and require great thought to really get into them.
One line in this song which I like is “Good evening blood father, smudged by the twilight.
Made iridescent by the tongue of the sea.” That’s an interesting image.
One of the few down points of this album is that the guitar strumming and use of harmonium
doesn’t really vary between tracks, which is a bit of a shame.
Track three is interesting in that half way through the Guitar, harmonium fades out to leave
a strange sounds cape of reverse bells, drones and other odd effects.
It’s quite beautiful and strangely reminiscent of C93 older experimental style.
My favourite track here is Niemandwasser where Tibets lyrics are most intense, and the music
while not straying far from the style of the whole album is at it’s most atmospheric.
This song also contains some of my favourite C93 lyrics of all.
“I have to say, I have to see The twilight moonlit The houses on hills, all appear so blind, At night. The webs that bind them to the sky’s are golden sparkling with blood and dust. The angelic motes on beams of light dance at night.”
I love that, it’s a bit more tangible then some of C93 other descriptive lyrics, and paints
a wonderful picture. The tracks ends as the sound of wind fades in providing the perfect ending.
The 25 minute harmonium instrumental is a sort of meditational piece, but is really a bit too long.
But this aside, Sleep has his house is another superb album from a unique and wonderful band.