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Anaal Nathrakh - When Fire Rains Down From the Sky, Man Will Reap as he Has Sown

Rather longwinded title, but it’s fitting for Anaal Nathrakhs second release of hyper blasting necro metal. Now sounding more like Wolf’s Lair Abyss era Mayhem than ever before, Nathrakh deliver their most hatefull blast of spite so far. The production is less raw than the debut, lending itself to an even more powerful and crunchy sound than before. Most startling of all is that the band has somehow managed to up a gear in terms of brutality from the last record. That should tell you what to expect here. Unrelenting and totally uncompromising. There’s more of a full on apocalyptic rage in the delivery with use of samples and some effective guest performances, most notably from King Necro himself Attila Csihar who guests on Atavism. The Jagged riffs that kick off the EP are just a taster of the brutality within, How the Angels Fly In… is a whirlwind of spindly riffs and punishing drumming augmented with V.I.T.R.I.O.Ls trademark screams. Never F**king Again doesn’t let up and really does hammer home the pure speed that this band are capable of. Genesis of the Antichrist is one of the stand out tracks, with an almost hysterically manic vocal delivery and off the hook blasting from Irrumator. Atavism with Attila on vocals is the Eps high point, his deep mutant vocals howl and scream in time with the crushing Black metal holocaust all around him. Although mostly unintelligible screams the title track uses some clean vocals to hammer home the songs apocalyptic message. This is the future of black metal, the way it was meant to be, no compromise only true necro black spite.