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08Nov12 - Moved Nurse With Wound reviews from NWW section to main music reviews page and closed the NWW review archive part of the site.

03Jan11 - A brand new mix by Xaven Taner

History begins again by nightoftheworld

30Dec10 - Several more articles have been added to the writing section. A couple are from February this year and another is the second and more comprehensive piece on the student protests. I have also linked to my Counterfire reviews.

07Dec10 - I've added a couple of essays to the writing archive. The first on Hauntology (in music) and the second a discussion of political violence.

18Jul10 - Why update when you can wait for a year doing nothing. Well that's not exactly how I planed it. Truth be told all this facebook lark has rather drawn my attention away from the old site in recent years. But never fear I have got my act together to put up a seperate section for Xaven Taner music (this is linked off the main music page) and corrected some links. I have put up the main piece from the Luc Ferrari tribute and three of the wind chime pieces. I wont put them all up as space is limited. I have also embedded the soundcloud widget into the Xaven Taner section which plays my Debris of History mix. I also really need to do something with this front page as it's lame.

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