A stage in meiosis in which pairs of chromosomes are aligned along the equatorial
plane of the cell, during which X-shaped structures may form by the crossing over of
homologous chromosomes allowing genetic material to be exchanged.
About Us
About us:

Metaphase Records was formed in the summer of 2006 to release the work of Kavenism, Xaven Taner and related artists. We are based in London, England and focus primarily on experimental electronics, contemporary composition and the avant-garde.

We are currently only releasing the music of Kavenism and those affiliated with the group but we plan to begin releasing music from other artists in the next eighteen months. Therefore we are happy to receive demos on CD, or cassette. All music received will be listened to and we will endeavour to give feedback to all. Please remember to enclose contact details with your package, and note that items cannot be returned. As stated we are a label that focuses on experimental electronics, contemporary composition and the avant-garde, please keep this in mind when considering submission of a demo.

Please send materials to:
Metaphase Records
Flat 6 Ridgemead Court
51 Twickenham Road
Isleworth, Middlesex
TW7 6BA, United Kingdom

Copyright: Xaven Taner 2006
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