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Dadaism - A very good site dedicated to one of industrial musics most fundamental influences - Great resource for Doom metal reviews, news and chat - A collective of bands in the post rock/industrial avante garde genre. Home to Coil, Current93, Nurse With Wound and many others. - A webzine covering industrial, electronic and experimental music. Good review archive, regularly updated. - Another webzine covering industrial, electronic/experimental and some more populist styles. Regularly updated. - A large regularly updated resource for all things Japanese and improvised. Includes exhaustive archives on artists like Otomo Yoshihide and Sachio M

ARTISTS - The best website for Front Line Assembly - best website for Mayhem, covers history up to present day, regually updated, very good for reference.
Irr.App(ext)- Website for NWW influenced surrealist act. Very good gallery presentations of his art also.
SHIFT - Website for the anglo-swedish power electronics act. - Website for Californian sound artist and Kavenism Colaborator
Roger Doyle - Excellent Irish electronic composer

Chris Carter
Cosey Fanni Tutti

Other Brainwashed Artists - Coil official site, has mp3 clips pictures and other stuff relating to this seminal uk act. - Current 93 site, best on web, contains superb discography, biography and other useful info - Nurse with wound site, cointains complete and thorough discography, notes some interviews and related materials

LABELS - A great label releasing inovative and chalenging music. Home to Ulver, Arcturus, Bogus Blimp and others. - Label run by David Tibet of Current 93. Esoteric and leftfield releases all round.
United - The label run by Steve Stapleton of Nurse wth wound. Extreme strangeness and wonder lurk within - Label and studio run by NWW member Colin Potter, has good mail order section and info on gigs etc - Label run by Paul Bradley, specialises in ambient drone and freeform electronic/acoustic music. - Small label specialises in ambient drone and freeform electronic/acoustic music Cds made to order. - Oxford based electronic/experimental label that is releasing some great music by young artists.
Beta Lactam Ring records - Young and exciting label based in USA. Released recent material by Nurse with wound, Coil, and Thighpaulsandra along with many other interesting acts.

OUTLETS - Very good reliable outlet, selling a wide variety of hard to find releases at good prices. UK based. - Collective catalogue of record shops mostly in UK. Best place to start when looking for rare items
Roughtrade - Well established retailer of experimental and not so experimental records.
Second Layer Records - Excelent mail order site for avant-garde and experimental records
Sound323 - London based shop and mail order outlet for mod classcial avant-garde, Jazz etc