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David Cronin - Europe's Alliance with Israel - Book Review (Mar 2011) - For Counterfire
From the Banlieue to the Citadel: A Reflection on the Student Protests (Dec 2010)
Faith Beyond the Facts - Violent Disorder and its Non-Defence (Dec 2010)
Hauntology: A Primer - The Absent Present Resonates (Oct 2010)
Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho - Marx's Capital - Book Review (Oct 2010) - For Counterfire
Inception - Film Review (July 2010) - For Counterfire
Slavoj Ziek: Living in the End Times - Book Review (June 2010) - For Counterfire
1001 Inventions: A Timely Reminder of a Shared Modernity (May 2010) - For Counterfire
The Music Industry: Dialectics in Cultural Production (February 2010)
On Odradek (February 2010)
Some Reflections On David Lynch's Inland Empire (March 2008)
The record biz and other cancers of the modern age