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Experiments in Parabacterial Genetics (1st Session) - With Vegetative State

Recorded - Sept/Nov 2005
Tracks 1-2 by Kavenism with additional material from Vegetative State
Tracks 3-7 by Vegetative State with additional material from Kavenism

1 - A Proposed Model for the Synthesis of Unnatural Humanoid Genetics (Complete Cycle) - 21:52
*Bacterial Vector Insertion (Inoculating Loops)
*Hydrolysis of Complex Macromolecules Through Hypercentrifugation (Primary Sequence)
*Alternative Exon Spicing Yields Allosteric Behaviour

2 - Oxidised Glycerophospholipid Enhanced Analysis - 5:45
3 - Experiments In The Revival Of Deceased Organisms - 4:42
4 - Afferent Pathway (fig. 1) - 2:18
5 - Circadian Rythm Disorder - 6:30
6 - Efferent Pathway (fig. 2) - 0:07
7 - Encapsulated, Pedunculated Vertebrate - 4:22

Sleeve Art

In October 2005 Kavenism were contacted by Californian sound sculpture Vegetative State. After exchanges of old material we embarked on a collaborative project where CDs of raw materials were sent across the Atlantic and worked upon by each party. The result was the split album Experiments in Parabacterial Genetics (1st Session). Conceptually centred on weird science and genetic experiments Kavenism contributed two tracks one a 22 minute epic and the other a short electro-acoustic excursion with percussion.