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Scarlet vultures on the threshold of forever EP

Recorded - Nov/Dec 2002
All sound/words - Xaven Taner
Running time 34 mins

1 - Through The Screen And On Til Morning
2 - Scarlet Vultures On The Threshold Of Forever
3 - Futurismo (Nurse with wound cover)

Scarlet Vultures on the Threshold of Forever is a disjointed mix of harsh noise and cinematic soundscapes. Through The Screen And Into The Light blends relentless synth crescendos with walls of dissonant radio recordings and ambience. The title track is a huge abstract narrative that frankly doesn’t make much sense but focuses on apocalyptic themes across many differing music plateaus. Included is Kavenisms first ever cover version, that of Nurse With Wounds classic 1980 work Futurismo.