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Prélude Au Désastre (Privation Sociale)

Recorded - Mar/May 2004
Sounds/Words by Kavenism
Kavenism may or may not include
Xaven Taner
The SiNiStEr
Running time 24mins

1 - Prélude au désastre (privation sociale)

This record is dedicated to those individuals who fight to liberate Iraq from the tyranny of US/UK occupation, your struggle does not go unnoticed

The track is a multi-part epic, featuring some of the most complex and aggressive arangements yet used by Kavenism. The first 12 minutes uses sequenced synth bass and noise to drive on an oppressive atmosphere recreating the confusion and disorientation of battle. Vocal samples from TV and Radio news broadcasts, the sounds of war and some rather punk like vocals from Xaven Taner give a fierce apocalyptic feel to the track. The second and third parts of the song move back into the more sedate and experimental side of Kavenism.