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Personal Apocalypse Vol 1

Recorded - Apr/Nov 2003
All sounds/lyrics, male vocals - Xaven Taner
Gemma-L Clarke - Female vocals
Clara - Little girl vocals
EVILution track contains a sample from Eternal Echoes by John Barry

- Funeral music to cover the holocaust
* Part 1
* Part 2
* Part 3
* Part 4
- Little Boy
- Efrafa
- EVILution

Album Lyrics

Personal Apocalypse explores the idea of apocalypse within different contexts. One mans idea of the end of the world may not be the same as another mans. A mainly dark ambient or minimalist industrial record that soundtracks various concepts around the themes of a personal apocalypse. Evolution, The Holocaust, and Nuclear annihilation are some of topics covered.

The first four tracks comprise the four movements of "Funeral music to cover the holocaust" which were reworked for the album Film Music to Cover the Holocaust and can be downloaded from that albums page. The term taken from a manifesto written by Genesis P-Orridge describing the industrial music that Throbbing Gristle had just began making in 1976. The dialogue on the tracks is testimony from holocaust survivors taken word for word and recorded faithfully by Gemma-L Clarke and Xaven Taner. This work is dedicated to all those survivors whos courage and determination through such horror allow us to learn through their experiences. It is also dedicated all those who fought to bring and end to the tyranny of the third reich.