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La Politique Du Nouveau Monde

Recorded Jul/Nov 2004
All Music - Xaven Taner
Female Voices - Sara
Total running time 97 mins

Tracks: CD1
1 -La Politique Du Nouveau Monde
2 -Intercepted Piano Unprepared
3 -Expanse
4 -A bowler hat left tipping on the edge of sanity
5 -Feedrone one
6 -Soleil Noir

Tracks: CD2
1 -Babylon
2 -Feedrone two (nouveau monde)
3 -Octagonalism
4 -Noir soleil
5 -Rivers of silver, rivers of gold

Sleeve art

La Politique Du Nouveau Monde is a non conceptual work inspired mostly by the early gurus of electronic music. Thus many of the sounds that are contained on the album are produced with the classic techniques of musique concrete and electro-acoustics in mind. There is also a heavy minimalist and drone aspect to the sound. Also employed are a much wider range of live instruments, including prepared guitar, and flute. Numerous percussive objects were also used, many of which turn up on the slow surreal build up on Soleil noir.