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Recorded - Oct/Nov - 2001
All sound/words - Xaven Taner

1- Welcome to oblivion
2- Tall shadows at midnight
3- Shot in the dark
4- Chasing the moon down alleys
5- Rusting rails
6- Ambient ritual
7- Man machine
8- Storm Horizon
9- 90 degrees
10- Silent Spaces In Concrete And Glass
11- Your destruction
12- Transmutilation
13- Shifting Forms Pt1
14- Shifting Forms Pt2
15- A thousand deaths in isolation
16- Tempest
17- Evils corner in the plaza
18- Mimes wall

Click here for the rest of the sleeve art

The main concept of Experiments:Inhumanity is that it is a soundtrack to urban alienation. It is mostly an emotionly devoid landscape of noise,drones abstract percussive rythms and skewed samples. The concept was not to soundtrack urban living or sounds of living in the city, it was supposed to soundtrack the living city itself, the buildings themselves. Thats why I was looking for such a sterile atmosphere because it's meant to be devoid of people devoid of life. Buildings, places have there own set of sounds that are distinct to them. it was this idea of buildings and spaces having they're own music that inspired this record.

The art work for the sleeve is a mixture of photos taken around Londons underground system, mainly the Jubilee Line and also pictures taken at Canary Wharf. I chose those locations due to there extremely modern look. Most of the old tube stations and lines have a bit more character but the Jubilee Line for me is very characterless and sterile. I wanted to capture that idea in the artwork. It is similar for the Canary Wharf buildings, their very new and express a certain sterility that I wanted to capture in the music.